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Lifetime Channel Now on Destiny Cable

Lifetime Channel, the leading US network for women, now on Destiny Cable.

Heart-warming dramas, inspiring made-for-TV films, and uplifting reality series… all these in one channel guaranteed to touch a woman’s heart. Committed to offering the highest quality entertainment and information programming, and advocating a wide range of issues affecting women and their families, Lifetime Channel is the leading network in the US for women. It is a female-focused entertainment destination which features premium shows reflecting the different facets in the life of every woman and her relationships.

Effective June 7, 2014, Lifetime Channel shall be added to the analog and digital channel line-ups of Destiny Cable, replacing factual channel BIO. Subscribers, most especially women who value relationships, career, and their diverse roles in life, will enjoy this latest addition to their cable TV viewing habit; it’s definitely a great way to reward themselves with quality yet budget-friendly entertainment. The switch to Lifetime Channel should be able to offer viewers more varied content to enjoy and cater to the needs of a more diverse audience.


Catch the no. 1 US drama series, Resurrection, Mondays at 10PM. The show revolves around the people of Arcadia, Missouri whose lives are changed when their deceased loved ones suddenly start to reappear unaged since their deaths. Among them is Jacob Langston (Landon Gimenez), an eight-year old boy who drowned in 1982 and woke up alone in a rural Chinese province during the present time with no idea how he got there. Jacob is brought back to America by immigration agent, J. Martin “Marty” Bellamy (Omar Epps). The home Jacob claims as his own is occupied by a couple in their sixties, Henry (Kurtwood Smith) and Lucille Langston (Frances Fisher), who lost their son, Jacob, more than 30 years ago. Will they be able to solve the mystery of Arcadia before the rest of the world catches on to events there?

Plus, welcome to Mix, a high-end bar in Manhattan’s trendy district, which also happens to be the central scene of the series, Mixology. The show takes place all over the course of one night where ten single men and women meet up for more than just a casual conversation and a drink. Each episode follows two or three characters as they meet each other for the first time and from there determine the outcome in the finale, which is the end of the night. Mixology airs Tuesdays at 10PM.

Watch these new series plus other compelling shows such as The Makeover, Orphan Black Season 1, Dance Moms Season 3, One Born Every Minute, Celebrity Wife Swap USA, and more! Lifetime Channel airs on channel 44 (analog) and channel 65 (digital) via Destiny Cable.

For only P550 per month, enjoy the best value for your money with 91 channels to choose from on Destiny Cable. Catch your all-time favorite series, blockbuster movies, family-friendly shows, and many more in clear digital signal. Destiny Cable digital subscribers can also customize their family’s cable TV subscription by adding individual channels whether in standard definition or in high definition, to their basic cable TV plan. For instance, those who still wish to get their fix of the real life stories of extraordinary individuals, pop culture icons and historical figures have the option to add BIO to their basic plan for only P20/mo.

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