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Chinese New Year on Destiny Cable


Kung Hei Fat Choi! As we welcome the Year of the Monkey, get a taste of the Chinese culture this February with SKYcable’s abundant choices of Chinese channels, available on SELECT!


Celestial Classic Movies (CCM) is a 24-hour movie channel screening Chinese classic movie masterpieces from the renowned Shaw Brothers library and other film libraries. All Shaw Brothers movies are digitally restored to bring viewers sound and picture quality matching the original cinematic prints.

come drink with me

Come Drink With Me (Action)

Come Drink with Me is a 1966 Hong Kong wuxia film directed by King Hu. Set during the Ming Dynasty, it stars Cheng Pei-pei and Yueh Hua as warriors with Chan Hung-lit as the villain, and features action choreography by Han Ying-chieh. It is widely considered one of the best Hong Kong films ever made.

  • February 9, Tuesday, 10:55PM
  • February 21, Sunday, 2:00PM

love on delivery

Love On Delivery (Comedy)

This movie is a classic kung-fu comedy starring Stephen Chow as a restaurant delivery boy, who learns martial arts to win the girl of his dreams (Christy Chung) by taking out her evil boyfriend.

  • February 8, Monday, 9:00PM
  • February 25, Thursday, 4:20PM

Choose to add Celestial Classic Movies to your line-up by getting the Chinese Pack for only Php199/month. Chinese Pack comes with CCTV News, CCTV-9, CEC, Celestial Classic Movies, Da Ai Tzu Chi, Star Chinese Channel, and Star Chinese Movies.


AFC HD, or Asian Food Channel HD, is a 24-hour comprehensive food lifestyle channel featuring programming about food including cooking programs, travel, restaurant reviews, and food personalities.

happy foodie

Happy Foodie New Year

Join host Cavin Soh as he explores the true tradition and history behind Chinese New Year and cooks beloved New Year dishes with top chefs from popular Singaporean eateries!

  • February 7, Sunday, 7:00PM & 7:30PM
  • February 8, Monday, 1:00PM, 1:30PM, 11:00PM & 11:30PM

Street Smart

Street Smart offers a unique travel experience in Taiwan! The travel and food series will feature a different host each week, travelling across Taiwan with nothing but a map. Travel through cities and villages in Taiwan to uncover delicious eats and must-visit sites. Eating and experiencing Taiwan can be satisfying and delicious, provided you're street smart enough to choose the right places!

  • Sundays, 4:00PM & 4:30PM
  • Wednesdays, 3:00AM, 3:30AM, 8:00PM & 8:30PM
  • Thursdays, 1:00PM, 1:30PM, 6:00PM & 6:30PM

Heritage Food Makeover

Cavin Soh explores the tasty cuisine of four Chinese dialect groups in Singapore, from the traditional Hokkien Prawn Noodles to the modern spin of Cantonese Scallop Dumplings!

  • February 7, Sunday, 6:00PM & 6:30PM
  • February 8, Monday, 3:00PM & 3:30PM

Easy Chinese

Ching-He Huang makes Chinese cooking simple, healthy and fun! From choosing a wok to mastering wok cookery, Ching shares a host of practical tips to Chinese cooking at home.

  • Mondays, 12:00PM & 12:30PM
  • Tuesdays, 12:00PM, 12:30PM, 4:00PM, 4:30PM, 5:00PM & 5:30PM
  • Fridays, 8:00PM & 8:30PM
  • Saturdays, 10:00AM & 10:30AM
  • Sundays, 8:00AM, 8:30AM, 8:00PM & 8:30PM

Choose to add AFC HD to your line-up for only Php50/month.


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