Destiny Cable


Destiny Cable is the second-largest cable TV provider in the Philippines with operations in Metro Manila and Cebu. Now under the ownership of SKY Cable Corporation, Destiny Cable is geared to provide more Filipino families with quality TV viewing through digital cable TV technology and varied yet relevant content.

Destiny Cable Advisory

With the exception of isolated cases in Metro Manila, service has been restored in areas that were affected by service interruption caused by Typhoon Glenda.

Please be informed that we will be extending rebates to affected subscribers based on the number of days their subscription was down and was directly caused by Typhoon Glenda.

For a list of pending SKY Areas affected by Typhoon Glenda, please visit

To report your area or if you need service assistance, you may reach us through the following:

Hotline: Tel 418-0000
TWITTER: @destinycableph

Thank you.